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Patented ultrafine processed wood mix for unique dry feed blends


woodfood® - the unique patented novelty for petfood manufacturers


Industrial challenges in production and feeding:


  • mycotoxin
  • Production of GMO / gluten-free products
  • small amount of fermentable fiber
  • excessive amount of soluble fibers
  • Non-specific indigestion due to inflammation in the intestine
  • Insufficient feces quality
  • too little lactate production in the intestine
  • too little butyric acid production in the intestine
  • no or not sufficient polyphenols (no / too low antioxidants in the intestine)


woodfood® - Replacement of up expensive additives in your existing feed mix.

Advantages in production:

  • Cost savings
  • Recipe simplification
  • No nutrient dilution due to low amounts used
  • Flexible dosage between 2-5%
  • Improved pelletability through fat binding capacity


Benefits in feeding:

  • High efficacy to support gut health
  • Physiological and technical antioxidant with high natural polyphenol content
  • Strong improvement of the droppings quality
  • No influence on the acceptance of the feed


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