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Agromed Austria GmbH -
Nutribionic feed solutions

Agromed Austria is an international company in the animal nutrition sector. Founded in 1999 as a trading company, Agromed has over the years developed into a leading provider of proprietary innovative additives – for antibiotic-free livestock. Our focus is closely interlinked with the basic physiological needs of the animals, in order to achieve higher production efficiency. We take our inspiration from nature.


Agromed Austria GmbH - The Nutribionic Company

At present, Europe, Asia and Latin America are our main markets. We have representatives in many Asian countries. From our headquarters in Kremsmünster, we serve nearly 40 countries worldwide.

The Products: Quality, Natural and more Profits

The core competence of Agromed lies in the lignocellulose products. These products are made from untreated fresh wood, using a specific production process. Agromed believes that wood is the raw material which provides the important dietary fibre that animals need for optimal  digestion. Our experts are able to provide technical and scientific advice for specific and targeted use of Agromed products.

Due to inter-disciplinary Research collaborations with several European universities, we are able to deliver diverse functionality from the development of our products, such as:

  • appropriate husbandry
  • natural nutrition
  • consequent quality of life for humans and animals

Our team listens to and works in close contact with our clients, so that we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our clients and integrate them in the development of our products.

The steady growth of Agromed’s turnover confirms that our innovative products and service performance are meeting the demands in today’s very competitive feed additives market.

The professional and committed team from Agromed, coupled with the uncompromising quality of our products, make Agromed a reliable partner for our clients.

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