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„Back to the roots –
we found the future“


We focus both on increasing the profitability of our customers, and enhancing animal health by respecting the physiological needs of the animal.

"The nature as source of inspiration" - This is the Agromed approach we believe in and are committed to.


Nutribionic feed solutions

Creative and technical solutions are often modeled after nature. The bionic deals with the transfer of the phenomena observed in nature to technological processes. It is based on the assumption that nature has developed and optimized structures and processes from which people can learn.

Agromed supports the basic physiological needs of the animal in order to achieve efficiency. We take our inspiration from the nature. 
Agromed Austria GmbH - The Nutribionic Company


Innovative high level products

Physiology corresponds to the life processes and their relationships in a healthy animal. To meet the needs of the animal it is important to support the animal health and welfare and to give the animal the opportunity to fully exploit its resources. Put simply, placing physiology as the focal point is a basic concept for healthy, productive animals.
„Back to the roots – we found the future“.


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