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Our products are mainly made of wood, a renewable resource. Sustainable business constitutes the foundation of our core business values. Sustainable trade is evident in all Agromed products and firmly rooted in the corporate culture.

We believe that business success will be more than ever based on sustainable practices in the future. The three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social, have to be taken into consideration with the same degree of attention. It is a necessary requirement for companies who want to make responsible investments, to grow and thrive in the long term, to ensure performance and success!


Sustainable high performance and responsibility

The three dimensions of sustainability, combined with high responsibility in the handling of raw materials and their processing must remain as the focal point in the feed business.
For us, responsibility means to offer excellent quality at all times.

We attach great importance to ensure that our products meet quality standards in the national and european regulations and quality assurance systems.

Our products comply with GMP, Kosher and PEFC standards. The wood used for our lignocellulose product range comes from clean forests. Our manufacturing facility works mainly with raw wood from Germany.


Long term partnership

Agromed sees sustainability in partnerships as a fundamental part of its company culture. A key factor for success is the commitment of the employees. The working environment must be one that is both conducive and respectable, in which everyone is able to develop his abilities. This mutual respect leads to long-term partnerships and is ultimately linked to lasting partnerships with our customers and business partners.

We are proud of both our long-term employees, and the long-term business partnerships we have with our clients and suppliers in a trustful environment. These strong partnerships encourage innovation and the development of new markets at Agromed.

Our business partners share our commitment of quality and support our goal in pursuit of client satisfaction.


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