Climate Neutrality

Active climate protection: agromed works climate neutral


In order to protect the climate, economy and society have to become climate neutral. But for agromed, climate neutral is not enough. Climate positive is better. Therefore, we have gone one step further and since the beginning of 2021, agromed has been acting climate-positive. We compensate more greenhouse gases than we cause. We give a piece back to nature!

We take various measures to minimize the ecological footprint of our business activities as far as possible. Since March 2020, we are working in a CO2-neutral manner.

Compensation under the Kyoto Protocol

We have had the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our company's activities recorded by an external sustainability consultancy (in accordance with the official guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) and offset them by purchasing climate protection certificates for the years 2020 to 2022. With these certificates we support a forest reforestation project in Peru and a forest reforestation project in Uganda.

This makes our company one of the first in our industry to voluntarily offset its emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.


Practiced climate protection

CO2 compensation through certified projects is one thing. To us it is however still much more important to reduce the climaticdamaging emissions already in the apron ACTIVE: We try consciously to do without business trips that are not absolutely necessary. Via videoconferencing we succeed nevertheless in staying in close contact with our international partners. If travel is still necessary, we use rail wherever possible.
agromed employees whose places of residence are not near our company headquarters use their home office to avoid the daily trip to the office. It goes without saying that all employees now largely dispense with paper in their daily office routine. The reduction of waste paper also leads to the fact that we provide our advertising material and product information mainly electronically.

The fact that sustainability is firmly rooted in the consciousness of our team is also shown by the fact that some employees are now increasingly travelling to work by train, e-bike or even on foot.