agromed®TIME305 – control your rumen pH levels


agromed®TIME305 is an innovative natural solution for highly concentrated feed rations used in modern dairy farms.

As innovative lignocellulose product stabilising the rumen pH, it can directly combat the vicious cycle of rumen acidosis, and its anti-oxidative properties further aid in supporting proper metabolic activity.

agromed®TIME305 suitable for:

Why agromed®TIME305?

agromed®TIME305 is a lignocellulose blend with a high proportion of natural polyphenols components. These specific wood-flavonoids inhibit bacterial amylase and delay the breakdown of starch in the rumen, without impairing its general digestibility. This gives the rumen enough time to absorb all beneficial volatile fatty acids, which are key to milk production.

In turn, this takes the strain off the cow's metabolism and means that both starch and proteins are better utilised, leading to better feed conversion and cow performance. 

  • Delays the breakdown of starch and stabilises the pH levels in the rumen
  • Reduces the risk of rumen acidosis
  • Enables optimised rumen fermentation leading to increased performance and stable milk composition

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