AgroTX® - Mycotoxin binding agent


AgroTX® relieves the animal’s immune system thanks to its optimum combination of natural minerals, autolysed brewer's yeast and antioxidants, which promote health and performance capacity.

AgroTX® is a natural feed supplement, which combats high levels of mycotoxin poisoning by means of its antioxidant, prebiotic and binding properties. This supports the renewal and regeneration of intestinal epithelial cells and of liver cells, combats free radicals and counters pathogens and thus reduces illnesses, dips in performance and mortality.

AgroTX® suitable for:

Why AgroTX®?

AgroTX® is a natural feed supplement used to combat mycotoxin poisoning. AgroTX® works on multiple levels to strengthen the immune system, to improve liver and gut health, and to retain performance. It achieves this through its efficient combination of natural minerals, yeast components (nucleotides, beta-glucans and beta-mannans) and the antioxidant, vitamin E.


Overall effective

  • Improves feed utilisation
  • Increases daily weight gain
  • Stabilises performance capacity
  • Reduces mortality


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