Lysolecithins - improved feed quality


A major challenge in animal nutrition is to ensure efficient utilization of high-fat rations. Lysolecithins can provide the solution.

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A big challenge in animal nutrition is the efficient use of rations with high fat content. Lysolecithins could be the solution.

Lysolecithins suitable for:

Why Lysolecithins?

Modern animal production demands animals which grow rapidly with a minimum amount of feed. Thus, nutritionist aim to design rations with maximum energy content - most of the time through the addition of fat. The fat digestion is a big challenge, especially for young animals with an immature gut. Using Lysolecithins, with their special characteristics, naturally improves the fat digestion in the gastro-intestinal tract. Thus, animals can utilize and absorb the provided energy and nutrients much better. 


Advantages at a glance:

  • Improved feed quality
  • Lower feed costs


Our Lysolecithins are exclusively sold in German, Swiss and Austrian region. Although, we work on a continuous basis to develop the product range and expand our distribution channels. 

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