DryCell® – a natural and efficient hygiene and bedding conditioner


Lignocellulose, finely ground with plant extracts, forms a hygienic powder that is particularly gentle on the skin and highly absorbent, protecting new-born piglets from heat loss and potential infection caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

DryCell® is a natural and effective drying agent for new-born piglets. Highly absorbent, it reduces the risk of heat loss and infection in new-born piglets, promoting viability and vitality.

DryCell® suitable for:

Why DryCell®?

DryCell® is the optimal hygiene solution for new-born piglets. It is a mixture of ultrafine lignocellulose, olive leaf extract and herbs. Thanks to the ultra-fine treatment of these natural fibres, DryCell® is three times more absorbent than ordinary mineral litter powder. Thus the new-born piglet is dried as soon as possible prior to its first colostrum feed. Plant and herbal extracts protect the piglet from infections



  • Highly water-absorbent - the piglet’s skin dries quicker
  • Very effective skin protection - dermatologically tested
  • Controls odours
  • Reduces germ exposure and therefore the risk of infection

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