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Fermented rape and soy as valuable protein source to promote a healthy microbiome and immune system

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Protein sources like soy and rape are due to controlled fermentation via a patented drying process further up graded. The high content of lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria results in positive effects on feed conversion and gut stability.  

Proteins suitable for:

Why fermented proteins?

Natural, sustainable and fermented plant proteins are the key to improve animal health. Functional proteins support an ideal balance of good and bad bacteria within the gastro-intestinal tract. Thus, the overall health status of the animal is maintained. The raw materials can be sustainably upgraded through fermentation and pose higher benefits for the animals. The fermented proteins support quickly and efficiently the gut development and strengthen the immune system, especially in young animals.  


Advantages at a glance:

  • Improved digestibility of raw materials
  • Positive effects on gut function 
  • High content of lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria in feed

Fermented proteins are exclusively sold in German, Swiss and Austrian region. Although, we work on a continuous basis to develop the product range and expand our distribution channels. 

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