Rumen stable fats

Rumen stable fats - more energy - more milk


The ideal feed additive to support energy supply at the start of lactation

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The basis of our rumen stable fats are raw materials of best quality and are based on products from European rape seed or olive oil, but also on high quality palm oil. 

Rumen stable fats suitable for:

Why rumen stable fats?

Optimal performance, health and fertility are the main goals for a farmer. To achieve these aims it is important, that especially high performing cows are provided with enough energy. Fat has the highest energy density, which makes it an important tool to upgrade the diets of high performing animals. Using rumen stable fats results in improved performance, health and fertility of the animals.


Advantages at a glance:

  • ideal energy balance of the diet
  • foundation for optimal life performance
  • improved milk yield


Rumen stable fats are exclusively sold in German, Swiss and Austrian region. Although, we work on a continuous basis to develop the product range and expand our distribution channels. 

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