woodfood® – innovative lignocellulose for petfood!

This lignocellulose-based product acts as a fibre concentrate with a prebiotic effect.  As a natural antioxidant, it promotes the intestinal and body health of domestic animals.

Woodfood® is a patented solution that tackles various feed-related challenges, such as nutritional diarrhoea or oxidative stress.

woodfood® suitable for:

Why woodfood®?

woodfood® is a fibre concentrate made from micronised lignocellulose. It has a prebiotic effect and is particularly good for gut flora. The insoluble fibre components optimise passage rate through the digestive system, while the fermentable components support the formation of butyric acid, which stabilises gut health.

Furthermore, the high concentration of polyphenols makes woodfood® a natural technical antioxidant with positive effects on the shelf life of pet-food.


Advantages for pet-food

  • Highly effective in supporting gut health
  • Physiological antioxidant with a high concentration of natural polyphenols
  • Improves stool quality

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