Inspired by nature


Founded in 1999 in Kremsmünster, Austria, two decades later we are one of the global market leaders in lignocellulose-based animal feed supplements and we continue to be ‘inspired by nature’. During woodland walks and by observing animal behaviour, Helmut Grabherr, Founder and CEO of agromed Austria GmbH, was inspired to consider how wood could be used as a natural, healthy source of nutrition.

“Today, our products focus on the basic physiological needs of animals and bridge gaps in the food pyramid using natural means”, explains Helmut Grabherr and then goes on to say; “They contribute to improved animal health all along the food chain, while simultaneously increasing performance potential. This allows us take into consideration the whole animal life cycle along with its many different challenges.”

Nature is our role model

For us, sustainability on a holistic level is not just part of our vision. It is at the forefront of our minds and anchored in our products, which are based on natural and renewable raw materials.  We harness the natural effects of wood via a technical process in order to improve animal physiology and the quality of feed production in a natural and sustainable way.


We are solution-orientated

Our knowledge is science-based and constantly growing. Our colleagues and sales partners ensure that we find the optimal solutions to your challenges through their innovative spirit and strong ability to execute. This provides gives you security and guarantees continuity in your production process.

Our solutions are as varied as they are bespoke.