Climate Neutrality

With respect for animals, people and the environment


Our product focus on wood-based products provides us with a sustainable basis. But that's not enough for us. Sustainability must reach further.

Sustainability has to be reflected in our strategy, our processes, the organization and in the actions of our employees.

Strategy - Processes - Organization - Employees

The most important factor are the employees! They have to support the measures. At agromed, they are actively involved in our sustainability strategy. Our employees are our strongest multipliers: We not only want to be sustainable, we also want to be perceived as such. We want to be a role model for others!


Our path to the CSR concept

In order to drive sustainability forward in a targeted manner, we have anchored the topic strategically in our company and installed a sustainability management system.  In mid-2021, we began actively working on our sustainability strategy. In a multi-stage process, we derived possible measures together with the entire workforce. In our CSR core team, we have now formulated concrete measures and provided them with a timeline. We will actively start implementing these from 2022.


Our fields of action

As part of our sustainability strategy, we see seven core challenges for agromed in which we want to make significant contributions. agromed sets ambitious goals here to further strengthen our path to a sustainable future. These core areas contribute to selected development goals of the United Nations:


  • Product-Development
  • Employees
  • Supply Chain
  • Anti-Corruption & Compliance
  • Economy & Finance


We have implemented the fields of action listed here in our corporate strategy. Through targeted measures, we will "fill these fields of action with life" and actively integrate sustainability into the management process.