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Would you purchase an acid for your feed based only on its pKa value?

Of course not!


It has been well established that the benefits brought to the animal by acids like butyrate are more related to the structure of the acid rather than acidity level. It is now well established that effects of fibers also vary based on their individual structure. So, why do we continue to measure fiber sources only on the concentration of fiber that they contain?


Today, the most common analyses for measuring fiber are the Weender and the Van Soest methods, but both methods fail to account for the vast variety of molecules that fall under the definition of fiber. It is now time for the feed industry to start evaluating fibers like we analyze acids, based on the effects they bring to the animal.


At the 2nd annual Fiber board in Vienna 2016 organized by the BOKU Wien and agromed Austria, nutrition and fiber experts like Prof. Dr. Georg Dusel, Prof. Dr. Knud Eric Bach Knudson, Dr. Jean Noblet, and others met to discuss the topic of fiber and which characteristics are important in describing it.

The consensus reached was that fermentability was the most important qualifying parameter when considering fiber sources, with fermentable and insoluble fibers being more desirable than their respective counterparts.

Please contact Jeff Morton (morton@agromed.at) if you would like to discuss this topic further.


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