Glycerides - for a healthy, high-performing animal


Glycerides are natural, pH independent, strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral molecules, which directly affect the gastro-intestinal tract. They combat gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria as well as fat coated virus, depending on the chain length of the fatty acid. 


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Glycerides emerge from the esterification of fatty acids and a glycerine molecule. Their unique mode of action and characteristics result in strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. They can be used as alternative to the preventative use of antibiotics. 

We already offer a broad portfolio of standardised products in this field, but we also offer individual, custom made solutions according to your needs.


Fatty acid glycerides suitable for:

Why glycerides?

Advantages due to the usage of fatty acids:

  • Anti-bacterial effective independent of pH
  • Water soluble
  • Odourless


Advantages due to the usage of short chain glyceride mixtures:


  • anti-bacterial effect against gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella
  • Support gut villi development


Advantage due to the usage of medium chain glyceride mixtures:

  • Anti-bacterial effects against gram-positive bacteria, specifically against Clostridia or Streptococci, as well as E. Coli, yeasts and mould.


Our glycerides are exclusively sold in German, Swiss and Austrian region. Although, we work on a continuous basis to develop the product range and expand our distribution channels. 


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