Immune system modulators

Immune system modulators - Betasacc®, Nutrifix® & Vitamun A®


Support for the immune system

We have different products in our range that act as immune modulators and support the immune system of the animals. Optimal nutrient utilization for more energy and performance are the result.

Immune system modulators suitable for:

Why Betasacc®,
Nutrifix®, Vitamun A®?

Our product range includes various products that act as modulators for the immune system and actively support it.


Betasacc®  is a brewer's yeast product, which is suitable for all animals. It helps to stabilise the metabolism through its high concentration of beta-glucans and beta-mannans. As a result, it has a positive effect on cell regeneration. In addition, Betasacc® has a prebiotic effect on the large intestine.


Nutrifix®  is a natural energy booster for the liver, thanks to its high concentration of nucleotides. Nucleotides are valuable building blocks for cell regeneration and therefore provide effective support for organs, which are dependent upon fast cell division. These are primarily the cells present in the immune system, the digestive system and the liver. In addition to nucleotides, Nutrifix® contains beta-glucans and beta-mannans, which are the most effective natural immune system moderators.


Vitamun A®is a natural colostrum of bovine origin. Through a special pasteurization process, following strict hygiene measures and controls, it is rich in immunoglobulins that help calves and piglets to strengthen their immune system. Active antibodies and natural growth factors contribute in particular to a rapid immune response and promote the natural development of animals.

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