SoftCell® - bedding solution for healthy footpads


The challenges facing healthy and sustainable poultry farming are numerous: from keeping feet dry and relieving pressure from germs through to preventing parasites from breeding.

SoftCell® is a natural and innovative bedding solution for poultry. It improves hygiene conditions in barns, reduces the risk of injury and leads to increased fattening performance.

SoftCell® suitable for:

Why SoftCell®?

SoftCell® bedding solution is made from a special combination of lignocellulose and plant extracts, which have an immediate effect on animal health. Its ultra-fine wood fibres make SoftCell® extremely absorbent and keeps the surface of the bedding as well as the animals feet dry. Its special consistency helps SoftCell® to reduce germ pressure, to relieve the animals immune defence and to prevent parasites from breeding. In particular, in young animals that react most sensitively to bedding conditions, using SoftCell® for bedding from the outset helps to reduce the risk of related damage such as joint inflammation and foot lesions.



  • Long-lasting dry bedding - no sticking
  • Highly absorbent - dry beds and clean animals
  • Germ free
  • Less work - no need to re-apply
  • Reduced ammoniac emissions
  • Protects the footpads - less pododermatitis
  • Improved performance
  • Fewer chest blisters
  • Fewer floor-eggs
  • Certified for organic farming



  • For use with turkeys: 12.5 kg per m2
  • For use with broilers: 1 kg per m2
  • For use with laying hens and parent stock: 1-2 kg per m2

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